Enabling the
Circular Economy

A digital platform for
resource tracking and
datadriven business models
in waste management.

IoT support based on open standards

  • Easy access management
  • Fill level monitoring
  • Events and transactions

Robust data management

  • Standardized format
  • Secure data sharing
  • Hardware independent

Business model support

  • Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT)
  • Logistics optimization
  • Personalized communications

Reports and documentation

  • Reports on users, fractions and stations
  • Content tracking in individual containers
  • Flexible data sharing between companies

Developed in collaboration with the industry

Robust data management

Store data in the rich WasteGraph format, share through our API, visualize progress or export to any format.

Infrastructure inventory

Create a structured database with all your stations, zones, containers, bin and related IoT equipment.

User experience

Easy access control management and support for personalized communication.

Collaboration is the key for circular economy

Together we create an open technical ecosystem in waste management.

Are your circular ready?

Resource tracking requires data. WasteIQ provides tools and standards to simplify digital transformation.

IoT integrations

Can be integrated towards a range of access control systems and sensors.

Enrich existing software

WasteIQ can be connected to CRM and ERP systems, as well as datawarehouse and iPaas platforms

Simple data sharing

A GraphQL API with authentication makes sharing easy - both internally and externally.

Robust data storage

A safe ledger where transactions and container events are stored in a rich format.

User friendly administration

Simple configuration, access control and data management based on the WasteGraphâ„¢ standard.

Open architecture

Well-documented APIs and general support for industry standards.

We are looking for more pilot clients

At WasteIQ we are currently working with municipal waste managers, producer responsibility organizations and real estate managers in Norway. During 2021 we are ready to start challenging the status quo of waste management with innovative partners from other parts of the world.