About WasteIQ

Tackling the world's 2 billion tons waste problem

We generate about 2 billion tons of trash globally every year. If we do nothing, this could increase by up to 70% by 2050.

WasteIQ collects data about when and where different types of waste is thrown, and thereby provides a comprehensive overview of resources that are available for reuse, repurposing or recycling.

Thanks to WasteIQ, waste management companies, malls, commercial property and residential properties may create incentives to reduce residual waste and increase the sorting rate. This makes it possible to access the valuable resources that today remain trapped inside the unspecified category of «trash».

As they do this, they also contribute to creating the foundation for all-new, circular value chains. When we have a classification system for different types of waste, including knowledge of quantities and whereabouts, we open the door to large-scale circularity.

WasteIQ was founded in Bergen in 2017, and has already proven the products' commercial value and potential. The company raised fresh capital in 2021 from the Norrwegian venture fund Norselab. Other owners include founders, employees and Bir. The company is currently in the process of scaling and expanding.