Strømbergs AS is now a WasteIQ-certified vendor

This week our integration team certified the Vconsyst STOSAG API, provided by Strømbergs here in Norway.


WasteIQ is working hard to connect hardware and software solutions. developed and tested an integration with Vconsyst, one of the important providers of smartwaste containers in Europe. The integration is currently in daily use as part of the pay-as-you-throw system in Bergen, Norway. The API is based on the open STOSAG standard, developed by the leading players of the dutch smartwaste industry.

The integration supports management of RFID keys in external systems, and it enables robust and data exchange in compliance with the strict WasteIQ requirements. Thanks to the certified integration WasteIQ can now seamlessly exchange data with any underground containers from Vconsyst equipped with RFID access control.

Partners involved: