WasteIQ welcomes Vibeke Siljan Krohn to the board of directors!

WasteIQ is happy to announce that Vibeke Siljan Krohn joins the board of directors, bringing both international experience and relationships and strong leadership abilities, in addition to a solid technical understanding to the table.


Krohn comes in with an energetic vibe combined with many years of valuable experience: She is currently acting CEO at Nordea Life & Pensions Norway, and has also previously accelerated Telenor’s growth in Asia by launching financial service products in the region. She has even worked with waste management in Latin America.

- I think WasteIQ is an incredibly interesting company, and I’m really truly excited for this opportunity! I have a deep knowledge of and great deal of trust in the owners, and I see huge potential in their vision – it hits me right in the heart, Krohn says.

Having always worked in the intersection between business and society, Krohn finds great motivation in being able to work with WasteIQ going forward. She continues to say that she finds it intriguing to contribute to the work on solving some of the biggest societal issues there are.

- It is really inspiring to work on finding solutions for the waste problem in a scalable way; not just for a city in Norway, but through a scalable platform that can be put to use globally, Krohn adds and continues with a personal anecdote:

- When I finished my university degree I traveled to Latin America to do volunteer work, and one of the things I worked on was to create a waste solution in Guatemala. It was highly manual at that time, but in many ways the idea that waste isn’t waste, but has great value in thinking circularity all the way through, is in many ways the same as WasteIQ’s is today. So, I’ve come full circle!

Krohn is an innovative executive with broad experience both from start-ups and multinational corporations. Driven by creating products and services that meet the demands of the market, she is truly passionate about how disruption of industries and new technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, create business opportunities.

Needless to say, WasteIQ are excited to have Vibeke’s international experience onboard in preparation for a global expansion.