A platform for
data driven logistics and
circular business models

By collecting and enriching data in open standardized format WasteIQ enables new user experiences, business models and logistical systems.

Easy access and RFID management

Equip your clients with RFID keys or other forms of digital keys, and connect household/businesses to stations or collection points. If your access controlled equipment is WasteIQ-certified we can update the list of approved users and valid keys. We are expanding our product to include RFID tags for bins, and also include different mobile access solutions.

Infrastructure configuration

In our administration client you can define all your stations, collection points and geo zones. You can name the stations, define waste fractions, connect them to equipment and also activate IoT devices that collect data. This way you create a structured model reflecting your logistical context, the perfect baseline for future digitization.

Easy tracking of transactions and volumes

By using access control systems and sensors we can enable tracking of volumes of waste in different fractions, and also keep a record of your different clients. This bookeeping system can be used to enable fee calculation (pay-as-you-throw) or personalized information. A record of transactional data in rich format is valuable. It makes reporting more accurate and may also improve your logistical planning.

Flexible sharing between systems

WasteIQ can be used a primary source for certain data, but the platform is built with flexibility in mind. You can easily synchronized with other systems such as CRM software, ERP systems or data warehouses. The WasteGraph information model is based on available open standards, and our GraphQL API is well documented. We built a "traffic control" system where WasteIQ can distribute important events and scheduled reports between infrastructure and customer systems. We monitor that all scheduled jobs is happening according to expectations.

Rich integrations with technical equipment

We work closely with a range of leading vendors of containers, sensors and access control systems. Together we create more holistic and open systems that supports Industry 4.0 models in waste management.

Flexible sharing with other software platforms

WasteIQ genuinely promotes openness and interoperability. We share data with a range of systems including iPaas platforms. We can build plug&play-adapters, share data through our API, or create reports in custom formats (XML, CSV or SQL).

Become a part of our growing ecosystem

Do you want to take part in our effort to enable new business models in waste management? We are always open for new collaborations.