Use cases

What can WasteIQ be used for? Here we will gather a few examples.
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More granular recycling in real estate waste management

WasteIQ can be used to easily add infrastructure support for the collection new and valuable materials in real estate.

Content declarations for individual containers

By tracking usage data WasteIQ can make a timestamped record of households/businesses contributing to an individual container.

Using QR codes to upgrade regular bins/containers

We currently run a pilot project where we use QR codes to make a self registry system for recycled materials. Promising results!

Simplified access management and distribution of RFID keys

WasteIQ can enrich customer data with RFID keys, connect households/business to specific stations and then update the containers with lists of valid keys.

Create a public pay-as-you-throw-system based on containers with a smartlock

In Bergen, Norway WasteIQ records all hatch openings in any type of underground shared infrastructure.

We are looking for more pilot clients

At WasteIQ we are currently working with municipal waste managers, producer responsibility organizations and real estate managers in Norway. During 2021 we are ready to start challenging the status quo of waste management with innovative partners from other parts of the world.